Barbara Suzann Howell

The body of Barbara Suzann Howell, 42, of Killeen, was found heavily decomposed and unidentifiable on Sept. 5 at Radar Hill Road in an isolated area of West Fort Hood. Investigators believe she died in August and may have been there for as long as a month.

Howell’s body was found, wearing red lingerie. An autopsy revealed she had a broken nose and likely died from a stab wound. A metal key was found near or on her body. The body was eventually identified by a fingerprint. Howell was released from just jail shortly before she was found dead. Her fingerprints were on file. Howell’s past included previous arrests on drug and prostitution charges.

The murder of Barbara Suzann Howell remains an unresolved cold case. A suspect was mentioned but never identified or charged.

Barbara was a resident of Killeen, Texas. She was the mother of eight children. She was a daughter and a sister. She is remembered as friendly and having a good heart. She was preceded in death by one son, Joseph Chance Howell. Barbara’s sister, Deborah Tamondong, is buried next to her.

7 Jan 1965

5 Sep 2007 (aged 42)

Calvary Baptist Church Garden of Memories Cemetery
Killeen, Bell County, Texas, USA

Row 13, Space 23

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