Proposition A To Decriminalize Possession Approved

Killeen News Now – On Tuesday, local voters approved a measure to decriminalize possession of misdemeanor amounts of marijuana.

Nearly 70% of voters in Killeen and Harker Heights approved Proposition A. The measure will decriminalize possession of class A and B misdemeanor amounts of marijuana. On Thursday, police chief Charles Kimble issued an ordinance that states no arrests will be made and no citations issued for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or drug residue. The order will prohibit requests for, conducting or obtaining testing for THC. The odor of marijuana or hemp can not be a probable cause for any search or seizure.

The ordinance does not apply if a felony-level narcotics case is designated a high-priority investigation or when investigating a violent felony. Only a Killeen police commander, assistant chief of police, or chief of police, can make that designation. It includes a penalty clause for KPD officers that violate the ordinance.

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